Chronological Order – Constructing a Timeline

When a sequence of events are placed in the order in which they happened, this is called chronological order. When sorting events into chronological order, they should first be grouped by year with the earliest year first. If there are several events for a year then it is necessary to look at the date they … Read more Chronological Order – Constructing a Timeline

Primary and Secondary Sources

The work of a historian is a bit like that of a detective. A historian examines different types of evidence and then tries to piece together the facts. A piece of evidence or artefact is called a historical source. There are primary and secondary sources, each with different characteristics. Primary Sources A primary source is … Read more Primary and Secondary Sources

Periods in History

There are five main periods in history: Prehistory, Ancient History, Dark Ages, Middle Ages and Modern History. Within these periods are numerous historical topics, many of which overlap in dates. The timeline below shows the dates for the five periods and the most commonly studied topics that fall into that period.  Please note: our use … Read more Periods in History